The September 2020 Lord Stanley Showdown: Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Was the Western Conference Final trophy presentation weird without fans?  The Stars were too excited to notice
2020 Western Conference Final Champions, The Dallas Stars.
Lightning Round: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars, Stanley Cup Final  schedule - Raw Charge
2020 Eastern Conference Final Champions, The Tampa Bay Lightning.

This is what every hockey player dreams of. The years spent at the rink and in the gym, improving their game and building their bodies in hopes of one day making it to the NHL. Winning tough fought games in the trenches against the same competitors game after game in the playoffs, and finally, if your lucky enough, making it to the Stanley Cup Final. That is exactly what both the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning have achieved. A chance at hoisting Lord Stanley over their heads with only 4 more games to win. But who will be crowned the 2020 Stanley Cup Champions? Let’s dive into it below with a preview!

Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars have had a bit of an up and down ride over the years having some decent success but having a hard time pushing themselves further into the playoffs including a coach firing. Long time Dallas Star, Jamie Benn still remains the captain after all these years and a smart decision in which I believe. I have always said that leadership is the key to success. With Rick Bowness as the Interim Head Coach fueling the fire for his team, Jaime Benn as the consistent captain that is willing to play all roles on the ice, and somewhat young but still experienced, Tyler Seguin pulling weight as well where needed. The Stars have a very talent tough team with a well established goaltender, Ben Bishop, in net that is familiar with what its like to face adversity and overcome.

Tampa Bay Lighting

A last year swept by the Columbus Blue Jackets to a Stanley Cup Final has got to be a pretty good feeling for this Lightning team. Chemistry has always played a huge role in winning and with the new addition to the team, tough guy Patrick Maroon, we can see the balance within every single line. From skating, to passing, to shooting, to fancy fast plays that strike quick just like a lighting bolt does, this team has it all. It has also been a difficult time for Head Coach, Jon Cooper, after certainly bringing his team to the best standing in the NHL and yet not even winning one game in the first round of the playoffs in the 2019-2020 season. But this year is different, the boys are bonding and the energy and momentum is there to carry on into this last series.


The toughest part of the preview comes down to the final decision in who takes the cup home. In my opinion, if both of these teams have made it this far, it is realistically a 50/50 chance that either team will be hoisting Lord Stanley at some point in the near future. The Dallas Stars have proven to be relentless in competition and bouncing back from tough games but the Tampa Bay Lighting has an incredible bond and energy that is running contagiously throughout this team. In concluding my pick, I will have to take the Tampa Bay Lighting in game 6. I believe this because after the last year sweep in the first round to the Blue Jackets has gave this team a bad memory of what it is like to be kicked out of the playoffs so early but so talented, it just doesn’t make sense. It is not a good feeling and I feel as the Lightning have something to prove. Also, the balance between all lines reminds me of the balance the previous Washington Capitals and St. Louis Blues had when they won their cup back in 2018 for the Capitals and 2019 for the Blues. When you have something to fight for as I believe the Lightning do this year, I do not see how this team can be stopped after all the let downs to themselves and their fans.

-Anthony Frattini

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