Wesley Splain – Founder

Former Division II linebacker at Bloomsburg University, NHL Video Producer/Editor, and “2017 best hair in the PSAC” award, Wesley Splain eats, breaths, and sleeps sports 24/7. Follows every big time sporting event from the NFL to Professional Dart Throwing and not shy of putting some money on the line. Big time Denver Broncos, Washington Capitals, and New York Yankees enthusiast. Known to be crazy and ready to get down at all time and has unique capabilities including lifting heavy weights, a wicked slap shot, and an incredible eye at finding winners on the board.

Anthony Frattini- Founder

Die hard THE Ohio State Buckeyes and Philadelphia Flyers fan, he grew up around football at the age of 4 and later transitioned to ice hockey. His love for sports has led him down a path that involves certification by the NSCA CSCS, coaching ice hockey around former NHLers, and even serving as a strength and conditioning intern for the Oregon Ducks Football team in 2020. His specialties lie within college football, ice hockey, eating surf taco, and even recaps weekly NASCAR races referred to as “Ant’s TrailerVille”. Currently serving as a coach, he’s strong on the motivation and inspiration when you need it but also with a twist of laughs in there as well. When he’s not dedicating his time to the Bench Bro’s, he enjoys the beach, fishing, golf, and fitness.

Brandon Farrell – Founder

Growing up a New Jersey native and a big time Yankees and Giants fan, now residing in Florida over a 1,000 miles away from The Garden State, he still reps his home town teams proudly. Football, weightlifting, and helping/coaching others are some of his favorite hobbies. He’s “getting old” in his mid 20’s but can still cross someone up on the basketball court or break some ankles on a double move on the football field. When he’s not recording on the podcast, he enjoys being active and you will most likely find him out on a beach or trying different taco places every weekend.